Me time is FUN time

Spend your “me time” giving yourself the gift of good health and mental clarity.

Want to be strong, fit but not overly muscular?

We are prior physique and figure competitors.

Eat, drink, and live the life you want

We teach you how to choose food and drinks that you will enjoy.

Achieving your goals is important to you and to us.

We track your progress through regular assessments.

Stressed from work, finances, or relationships?

Exercise is the #1 proven way to reduce stress.

We know what you are going through

We have been there and have overcome being overweight. Let us show you how.

Private Training

Weight Training Classes


Santa Barbara Fitness Gym

RSTR Fitness – Santa Barbara’s Boutique Gym – offers an unpretentious and results-oriented community that’s invested in your goals and success. Get ready to step through those doors and let the journey begin!

11 W Arrellaga St | Mon-Fri 9am- 6pm | (805) 698-1551

Faster Results

By Working with professionals, you get to your goals faster.

Experience Pain-Free Mobility

After an injury, don’t just hope the pain goes away. We help you fast-track back to a normal life.

Want to be strong, fit, but not overly muscular?

We are prior physique and figure competitors.


Personal Training

Personal training is perfect for learning from your trainer in so many ways. From basic weight training exercises and techniques, to targeting the muscle groups you want to build and define. Based of your goals, you and your trainer will assess monthly and will help push you to meet those goals.

Weight Training

Weight training is a form of body conditioning that involves endurance training, resistance training, high-intensity aerobics, and exercises performed in a circuit, similar to high-intensity interval training. It targets strength building and muscular endurance.

6 Week Challenge

Join us for a 6 week challenge and let us push you to achieve your goals. We will begin with weigh ins, measurements and photos. You will receive nutritional advice along with daily food log. Trainer Kelsee will check your food log weekly and make any necessary changes. 

Recovery Sunday

Who really takes the time to stretch, roll out, and take care of your body? It is so important and needs to be taken seriously. But I know its not easy when it hasn’t become a habit. Lets take care of your body and work on the areas that need to be repaired. 

Our Personal Trainers

Fil Curiel

Fil has been a kickboxing instructor for over 10 years and has a passion for helping others achieve their goals while getting a great workout. Using mixed martial arts in his kickboxing routine really helps you understand basic and advanced self defense techniques. He competed in mens physique body building and now strives in helping clients become the best version of themselves.

Kelsee Curiel

A busy mom of two boys made her dream a reality by becoming a personal trainer. She followed her husband footsteps in taking her fitness to the next level by competing in women’s figure body building. Now she gets to use her knowledge and experience to help her clients understand the importance of healthy diet and exercise. She loves to push you to your limits while making it fun.



I have loved working out at RSTR Fitness. My husband and I did a 6 week program to get in shape for a beach vacation. We went from a few days a week of hiking to everyday workouts. We loved the weighted workouts and the cardio kickboxing classes. The space is clean and spacious, the music always on point, and I loved the way we mentally & physically felt with the help of accountability we received with Kelsee & Fil not to mention the healthy progress and fit results.

Randee Brookins

I love RSTR fitness! Fil and Kelsee are the best and truly care about their clients. They make the classes fun and you definitely will break a sweat. The best workout classes with just the right amount of people so you get an intimate experience. I would highly recommend RSTR fitness to anyone interested in getting an amazing workout!

Evelyn Curiel

RSTR Fitness have been so amazing! I have been doing the 2022 6 week kick box challenge it’s been challenging and fun I am loving my results! I highly recommend Kelsee and Fil they are so awesome and encouraging and bring a so much fun to the workouts!

Abby Pickens

NASM Certified